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02/11/2014 6:32:31 PM
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Anyone have any input on this technology and is it a major step above side imaging . I see Lowrance is also coming out with this concept also . What do ya think?
02/12/2014 1:00:57 AM
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Done some has great potential on lakes such as Kentucky/Barkley, Pickwick, Old Hickory and/or similar lakes where ledge and structure fishing dominates over visual targets..(i.e. boat docks, chuck rock to pea gravel or bluff) Following contour lines/ledges closely, dictates whether you win, place or go home head hanging after they sack 30lbs on you anywhere on the TVA system. The Ozarks is a different beast. If you're not a traveling competitor....side imagining is plenty. Just my opinion, but I've been wrong before...
02/12/2014 4:07:57 PM
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I have 360 imaging on my boat, have had it for a few months. I have not used it very much yet, however, the advantage that I have found when fishing and looking for brush piles in particular in a new area that I do not know very well, the 360 will show up brush, or bottom structure like rocks/boulders all around you. You can also pick up bait fish pretty easily again in a 360 view. However, I have not been great at figuring out actual fish, although it seems like side imaging imagery. They have a new one out that is trolling motor mounted, which I think would be better than mine in the back. I would suggest that you send Terry Blankenship and email through his website, he is an expert guide on the lake and probably the best all round user of the 360 in the Midwest.
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