Bassing Bob - Lake Of The Ozarks

Old Kinderhook Fish n Golf Pro-Am Tournament

Presented by: Ulrich Marine

November 13th – 16th, 2018




Event Details

Old  Kinderhook  and  Bassing  Bob  are  hosting the 4th Annual Missouri Invitational Fish and Golf Pro/Am  Tournament,  a  unique  fishing  and  golf competition  that  provides  amateur  fisherman with the opportunity to fish and golf with Pro Fisherman  at  Lake  of  the  Ozarks.  The  Pro/Am  team will compete for a guaranteed pot of $30,000.00+ with  $12,000.00+  awarded  to  the  winning  team and  many  other  pay-outs  and  prizes  for  golf  and fishing.  In  2017,  the  total  pot  after  the  auction was  $54,000.00  and  the  winning  team  of  Jeremy Lawyer and John Hewkin won $20,000.00. The top 7 teams will get paid and $1,000 to the amateur with the biggest bass.

The competition will be held at Old Kinderhook starting  with  a  happy  hour,  sit  down  dinner,  live auction, pairings, rules review and rubbing elbows with  the  Pro’s  on  Tuesday  November  13th  starting at 6:00 p.m. The competition will kick-off on Wednesday  at  8:00  a.m.  fishing  with  your  Pro. Followed  by  BBQ  cook-out  Wednesday  night  at  Old Kinderhook. On Thursday November 15th, you will play 18 holes of scramble golf with your fishing pro  and  a  randomly  assigned  golf  pro.  Thursday night  is  on  your  own  to  enjoy  many  of  the  Lake of the Ozarks restaurants or just hang around the resort  and  relax.  On  Friday,  November  16th  you will fish with your Pro, take off at 8:00 with the final weigh-in at 3:30. The awards ceremony will follow immediately after the weigh-in.

Amateur fisherman will be able to participate in the competition and all of the scheduled events for  a  fee  of  $1,000.00.  The  $1,000.00  registration fee will include Tuesday nights happy hour/dinner/auction, two days of fishing with a pro fisherman and 18 holes of golf with your fishing pro and a designated  golf  pro.  Breakfast  will  be  provided  each  day  outside  the  lodge  and  sandwiches  and  refreshments at each fishing weigh-in.

Amateur fisherman will be paired with a fishing pro for the three days of the competition. Pairings will be finalized on Tuesday evening November 13th, after the live auction (see auction details) The additional money generated from the auctions will be added  to  the  pot  for  the  competition.  Those  that  choose  not participate  in  the  auction will be randomly assigned a fishing Pro.

The  auction  includes  a  live  and  silent  auction. The  live  auction  bidding  will  begin  at  $250.00.  Amateurs  are  only  bidding  to  secure  the  highest  bid  to  secure  their  draft  pick  number.  Their  will be 12 rounds of bidding and then the highest bidder from  each of the 12 rounds will select their pro. As an example, the bidding auction will start at  $250.00,  the  highest  bidder  during  that  bidding  period  will  be  able  to  select  their  choice  of remaining  pro fisherman.  After  the  live  auction pairings are complete, the remaining pros will be auctioned off through the silent auction. After the silent  auction,  remaining  pros  and  co-anglers  will be  randomly  assigned.  Last  years  auction  added an additional $23,000.00 to the pot.


Pro Fisherman Participants

Currently there are many pro fisherman committed  to  the  event,  including  National FLW and BASS  Champions,  Marcus  Sykora,  Dion  Hibdon, and Brain Maloney. Additional Pro spots are being filled on an invitation only basis, based on proven  national,  regional  and  local  tournament success.  Local  Pro’s  include,  Wayne  Fitzpatrick, James Dill, Jack Uxa, Terry Blankenship, Pro’s with proven  local  and  regional  tournament  success, such as Roger Fitzpatrick, Dennis Berehorst, Mark Weise,  etc.  and  regional  and  national  Pro’s,  Mike McClelland, James Watson, Casey Scanlon, Jeremy Lawyer, Terry Bolton, Brent Algeo, Dan Morehead, Stacy  King  and  more.  BassingBob  is  also  launching  our  “Invitation  Only”  campaign  this  summer to  many  well  known  Pro  fisherman  that  have expressed  interest  in  participating  in  this  event, including  2016  Bassmaster  Classic  winner  Edwin Evers,  Jason Christie,  Jacob  Wheeler,  Chris Lane, Kevin Short and others.


Scoring and Pay-Out

The payout for the event will be determined by an accumulated points system. The total points accumulated from the two days of fishing total weight and 18 holes of scramble golf. Golf will be scored at  1/2  pound  for  a  par, 1-1/2  pound  for  a  birdie and 3 pounds for an eagle, with a 2 putt maximum format per hole. Don’t worry about your golfing skills  as  each  team  will  be  paired  with  a  golf  Pro. The golf Pro assignments will be random. As  there  will  be  two  teams  playing  the  same holes,  the  golf  Pros  will  switch  teams  after  the front 9 or back 9 holes are complete. A total of 7 places will be paid. The final pay-out amounts will be  determined  based  on  the  incremental  money collected  from  the  auction.  Cash  or  prizes  will  be provided for the biggest team bass, day 1 fishing top weight, day 2 fishing top weight, the best golf score, closest to the pin and the longest drive.

Tuesday November 13th

                  6:00 Cocktail Hour

                  7:00 Sit Down Dinner

                  8:00 Live Auction and Pairings

                  9:00 PM Pairings Announced and Schedule/ Rules Review


Wednesday November 14th

                  5:30AM – Full Breakfast Served Outside Old Kinderhook Hotel/Lodge

                  7:15AM – Drive to Ramp

                  8:00AM – Take Off

                  8:00PM – Return to Take-off Ramp

                  3:15PM – Weigh-in at Old Kinderhook Stage by Skating Rink

                  6:00PM – BBQ and Golf Pro Pairings at Old Kinderhook



Thursday November 15th

                  9:00AM - Pro Golf Lessons at Old Kinderhook Driving Range

                  10:00AM – Shot Gun Start for 18 Hole Scramble

                  3:00PM – Golf Completed, time is estimated.

                  5:00PM - Two Day Fish/Golf Standings Posted and Emailed to All Participants

                  Evening – On Your Own, many of us will be hanging out around fire at OK skating rink.


Friday November 16th

                  5:30AM – Full Breakfast Served Outside Old Kinderhook Hotel/Lodge

                  7:15AM – Drive to Ramp

                  8:00AM – Take Off

                  3:00PM – Return to Take-off Ramp

                  3:15PM – Weigh-in at Old Kinderhook Stage by Skating Rink

                  4:00PM – Awards Ceremony



What do you need to do to participate?


2017 Amateur Participants

Send an email to, or call Bob at 314-575-5545 by September 1, 2017 to confirm your participation for this year.   Register and pay on-line at no later than by October 15th 2017.


Amateurs That Did Not Participate in 2017

Send an email to, or call Ben at573-280-9027.  Registrants will be selected based on a first come first served basis, the first 5 to register with us will be guaranteed a spot, and others will be added to a wait list.   After August 1, we will know the number of available registrations based on commitments from last year’s amateur participants.  You will be notified by email if you are guaranteed a spot in the tournament event.  Registration and payment must be received by October 15th, 2018 at

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