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  • Bass February 2018 Experts Round Table with Special Guests, Marcus Sykora and Ben VerhoefBassing Bob Experts discuss the baits, patterns and locations for catching bass in February 2018 on Lake of the Ozarks. Experts Wayne Fitzapatrick, Jack Uxa, James and Denise Dill are joined by FLW All-American Champ Marcus Sykora and one of the hottest 2018 winter tournament fisherman Ben Verhoef.
  • January 2018 Bass Experts Video Round Table w Marcus Sykora, Guest ExpertBass Pro's and Guides, James Dill, Jack Uxa, Wayne Fitzpatrick, Denise Dill, Gary (Coach Schultz) and Guest Expert, FLW All American Champ, Marcus Sykora discuss the baits, patterns and strategies for catching bass in January 2018 on Lake of the Ozarks.
  • Weekly Tech Tip presented by: Loz Fishing Guide Joe GrafemanBFL Pro and Proffesional fishing guide Joe Grafeman talks to you about where he would fish and what he would do to catch the catch the big ones!!!
  • Joe Arnolds Weekly River ReportJoe Arnolds Weekly River Report
  • Verns December 2017 Expert TipsVerns December 2017 Expert Tips
  • December 2017 Bass Experts Video Round Table Discussion for Catching Bass on Lake of the Ozarks in DecemberBassing Bob expert advisory team, Fishing Guides Jack Uxa and Gary (Coach) Schultz and successful LOZ tournament anglers, James Dill, Wayne Fitzpatrick, Denise Dill and Rob Bueltmann discuss the baits, patterns and areas of the lake to catch bass this December 2017.
  • Missouri Invitational Final Day InterviewsWatch along as Joe Grafeman interviews some of the best pros in the fishing industry during the Missouri Invitational.
  • 2016 Missouri Invitational2016 Missouri Invitational
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