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  • Jim Dill Discusses Crock-o-Gator's New Baits for 2017Crock-o-Gators Jim Dill, discusses the new Grid Iron Jig, designed by fishing Pro Mark Wiese, the new Muskrat Creature bait and new colors for the Swamp Bug line.
  • Big Bash Bash, Bassing Rob and Bassing Ben Discuss the Most Popular Baits Sold Today at Fitz Fishing and Their Bait and Weight PredictionsBig Bash Bash, Bassing Rob and Bassing Ben Discuss the Most Popular Baits Sold Today at Fitz Fishing and Their Bait and Weight Predictions
  • MHTB Crock O Gator Gator Lock Head JulyHere is some info on the Crock O Gator, Gator Lock Jighead. Hope you guys enjoy please email me with any questions, comments or what you would like to see in next months MHTB. Email:
  • Big Worm fishingThis video is a video on how to fish the big worm on points and bluffs during the summertime.
  • Livingston Lures Howler Monthly Hot bait TopicThe monthly hot bait topic is a very neat concept. It allows anglers to expand on their knowledge of fishing. There are so many lures out there that one angler cannot learn them all. With the help of the community and we are able to teach people about all of these different lures. Here is what I want to do I would like to be able to do a monthly hot bait topic. The fishing community and the members of are the ones that will need to help with this. You members would email me what bait they want to learn about for each month I would choose one of these baits to discuss. In 12 months that is 12 new tips that the fishing community learned about a bait that they did not know before. I am open I could do 1 or I could do 3. They would email me with the bait that they want to learn about. If I did 3 in one video in a year that would be 36 new baits that the fishing community would have learned about. Here is the email that you guys need to contact me - Just simply email what baits that you guys want to learn about. I am expecting a lot of emails on these baits. The overflow of baits that I get I am going to do separate in the product review. I encourage all of you members to help me build this!! This will make the fishing community great and it will help make average fisherman gain more knowledge. This bait is a very good bait to fish during the fall and all the way till the pre -spawn. The thing that sets this bait apart from the other crank baits is the EBS technology. (Electronic Baitfish sounds) It stimulates the sound of an injured baitfish and it is water activated so whenever it comes in contact with the water the sound will start. The places to fish this bait depend on the time of year. During the fall I like to throw this bait in the same places you would throw a wiggle wart. Channel Banks, channel swings, rock transitions, where it transitions from little rock to big rock. The fishing is great moving on throughout the spring I fish this bait in winter holes such as deep channel swings and channel banks near spawning areas. It is a very versatile bait with some aweosome features I would definitely give it a try.
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